Want to join the team?

Here at Portrait Coffee, we're interested in building meaningful careers in the coffee industry. We offer competitive pay, paid time-off, health insurance, and opportunities for growth in the company. 

We take pride in our core values of:

Genuine Hospitality 

In each and every task, we make sure to act in love and care for our customers.

Moments of Celebration

No moment is too small to celebrate the victory. We make sure to take time to reflect and rejoice throughout the day-to-day.

Excellence Wins

We want to be the very best, and our work should reflect that goal.

Current Openings:

  • Production Associate
  • Barista

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

the team

Our entire team is comprised of residents of Atlanta who are deeply invested in seeing the Historic West End continue to flourish. We’re a diverse team with unique experiences in business operations, marketing, communications, design, and community development. Portrait Coffee’s goal is to empower and equip Atlanta natives and residents with genuine career and life opportunities in the world of coffee. 




















Aaron Fender

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron Fender is the CEO & co-founder at Portrait Coffee. He originally started his coffee journey as a barista back in 2012 and since has had the chance to learn & experience different opportunities across the coffee supply chain. 

Aaron is a husband, dad, aspiring cook, amateur wine enthusiast, and avid learner. He says he finds the most joy in building community through hospitality & FUN!

John Onwuchekwa


John Onwuchekwa is originally from Houston, TX but has spent more of his adult life in Atlanta than any place else, so the A feels more like home to him nowadays. John got started in coffee reluctantly. He needed it for the caffeine, then realized there was a whole world that he’d been left out of. The more he started to explore it, the more he lamented the fact he didn’t see many people that looked like him. He was about to throw it all away until John stumbled upon a book and realized that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. Once he found out that coffee grows where Black and Brown folks grow, he was hooked in a way that he hasn't been able to break free from.

At Portrait, John's role is free-flowing. He is a co-founder and tends to exist and operate in clouds and come in for landings when there’s a story to be written, a narrative to be shaped, or an idea to be presented. He love stories and the connecting power of coffee. 

"I love the fact that it’s more than a product, but a platform to do good. I spend my time ideating about creative ways that coffee can be a force for good, and the partnerships that might be able to extract all of that goodness."

Marcus Hollinger

Co-Founder & Head of Brand and Marketing

"I started a coffee company with people I love, and that to me is the biggest trophy. But they don't make no awards for that."

Marcus Hollinger is one of our co-founders from Kansas City, MO, and seasoned by Lexington, KY. He got started in coffee when one of his homies invited him to have a cup of coffee and then asked him to start a business with them.

Overseeing Brand and Marketing, Marcus shapes the outward-looking pieces of Portrait. Outside of coffee, Marcus says that hobbies are his hobby. Right now, he's into skateboarding, drawing, and making himself a better Husband, Father, and friend. 

Christine Ramirez

Marketing Coordinator

Christine Ramirez joined Portraits team in early 2021 and now serves as our Marketing Coordinator. As Marketing Coordinator, Christine oversees our social media, email marketing, and various projects we release throughout the year. Christine loves her work at Portrait because of the incredible team, collaborators, and coffee we can introduce to our community. 

In 2018, she started working in coffee shops in Orlando, her hometown. Now living in Atlanta, Christine loves going to concerts & festivals, running, reading, cooking, and visiting every coffee shop she encounters.  

DJ Thomas

Production Associate & Roaster

Coming soon!

Khalid Smith

Operations Manager

Khalid Smith is one of our OG Portrait team members, starting in 2019. His first experience in the coffee industry was working at a shop, where he knew nothing about coffee but slowly learned more about the coffee supply chain and the process it goes through from seed to cup. 

Now as Operations Manager, Khalid is responsible for the managing day to day at the roastery. Khalid is usually playing soccer, camping, hiking, farming, or cooking when not at the shop. We also have to mention that Alton Brown told Khalid that he made him the best cortado he’s ever had in his life.