Social Impact Hour

How to Taste & Evaluate Coffee

Supplies Needed:

In your package, you should have received:

  • Coffees (pre-ground, 28 grams of Founders)
    • The other two coffees you received are for you to sample at your own leisure.
  • Mugsy Diner Mug
    • You'll use this mug as your cupping vessel.

You'll also need:

  • Two spoons! 
    • A soup-styled spoon would be ideal.
  • Hot water element 
    • You'll want at least 12 ounces of hot water at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Mug or glass (to hold cupping spoons)
  • Rinse cups filled with hot water


Step 1 

Go ahead and pour the pre-ground coffee into your diner mug. Give the coffee a good sniff and take note of any aromas you may smell. Make sure your water is hot and ready to pour.

Step 2


Slowly pour water on coffee grounds until mug is full. Take note of any aromas that are present while you pour.

Step 3


After 4 minutes, use one of your spoons to break crust on top of your mug to evaluate the wet aroma. Slowly insert your spoon into the bottom lip of the mug and push forward while smelling the coffee.

Step 4


Use two spoons to skim off the grounds, foam, and oils present on the top of the mug. Make sure to do this carefully to not disturb the coffee grounds present in your cup.

Step 5

After another 4 minutes, taste the coffee! As the coffee continues to cool, take note of the different flavors that appear.