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Notes: Strawberry, Kiwi, Limeade

Process: Natural 

Province: Uraga, Guji

Producer: Ture Waji, Eegata Alaka, and Fedhesa Wodessa - in collaboration with farmers in the kebele (community) of Raro Nansebo.

Varieties: JARC Selections & Local Landraces

Altitude: 2000 - 2200 masl

About the Producer: Raro Nansebo is a kebele (small community) in the Uraga district of Guji. This selection comes from farmers that harvested and turned in their coffee cherries to a natural processing site run by Ture Waji and Eegata Alaka. This site was established 2019, when Ture and Eegata worked together with their company's third partner, Fedhesa Wodessa, to invest in this area- which is the second area in Guji they have established a processing site.

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Customer Reviews

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Matt B
Very smooth and flavorful

I brew it using a single serve french press, and this is a great cup of coffee. I drink it black and it is one of the sweeter cups I've had. Very good for introducing someone to what a truly great coffee can taste like.

Daniel Unruh
Great coffee

I was impressed at how quickly you sent this coffee after it was ordered. We are fans of Ethiopia coffee and this was a super tasting coffee. We have Onyx Coffee in our area and I thought they couldn't be beat, but this coffee is right in there in quality and taste.

Emma H

How do I insert the drool emoji in this review? This Ethiopian coffee is one of the best!! I love how bright it is. I usually love a splash of cream in my coffee but this one is amazing on its own. So good!


I truly enjoy this coffee. Juicy and fruity.