2022 General Election Voting Guide

We've partnered with Branch to ensure that everyone is informed and prepared for this general election, especially now that early voting started this week! Branch is a Georgia organization with a mission to reinvent politics from the bottom-up. Branch has a free, nonpartisan website that makes it easy to get informed about every office and referendum on your ballot.
What is happening?

The 2022 Georgia General Election is this voting season's "main event".

This election is the culmination of the winning candidates from the 2022 Georgia Primary, and positions for Governor, State Legislature, and other government offices will finally be decided. In addition to a variety of public offices, there will also be a number ballot referendums included on this year's ballot, including proposed amendments to Georgia's Constitution.

Why should you care?

This election is to elect state-level officials. These officials have the power to impact a lot of the issues you care about:
Healthcare: The Governor appoints officials that manage hospital planning, certification of healthcare facilities, the state Medicaid program, and $16 billion in healthcare funding.
Voting: The Secretary of State can implement new programs that impact how easy to vote, such as providing online access to voter registration.
Insurance: The Insurance Commissioner works with insurance companies to set prices for all types of insurance including health, automobile, and home.
Lawmaking: Your state representative can author, sponsor, and vote on bills that may become state laws. All bills dealing with the state budget originate in the Georgia House of Representatives.

When and where can I vote?

If you are voting in advance, you have the flexibility to vote at any early voting location within your county.
You can find available early voting locations for your county by visiting the Secretary of State's website at https://georgia.gov/vote-early-person and enter your county in the drop-down menu.

Who is on this ballot?

Your ballot looks different depending on which neighborhood and county you live in.
Branch is a free, nonpartisan website that quickly walks you through what will be on your ballot and where the candidates stand on key issues. Here you can compare and contrast the different party candidates to ensure that your vote aligns with your personal beliefs.

To get started, look up your ballot at www.branch.vote

What do I need to bring to the polls?
A valid photo ID such as a driver's license, permit, passport, military photo, or tribal photo.
Since you're voting in advance, you most likely won't need to be prepared to wait in long lines. But just in case, make sure to bring water, something to read, and make sure your phone has a full-charge.

(You can't use your phone while you're at the voting machine, so be sure to print out or write down your choices before heading inside.)